Happy Wheels 3 Game

Happy Wheels 3 is a flash game created by Jim Bonacci. It contains a set of playable characters that make the use of arcane vehicles to move across levels. One of the most standout features of Happy Wheels 3 is that it churns out a lot of user-generated content, which is attributed to the fact that maps and stats are hosted on public servers. The sequences of actions played out are intense, where players can be decapitated, crushed or shot down. The scenes involving blood are intense and surreal, which has led to some reviewers arguing that you need to have a ‘strong stomach’ to play. The game is however humorous at many levels.

To control your characters, you need to master the use of keys such as shift, space bar, control, Z and the 4 arrow keys. When you start out, you will find the keys challenging to manage but as you learn the game, it gets all easier. After launching, you need to choose the level of play as well as the characters you prefer. At the beginning, you will only have access to 4 characters but as you move up the levels, your choices become diverse.

Your first character in Happy Wheels 3 is a frail old man riding a wheel chair. The second is a mean businessman in his car, while the third is a man riding a bicycle with someone at the back. Your last option is a woman on the back of a scooter.

Your mission is to guide your character across difficult terrains without harming them. You need to ensure that they do not sustain fatal injuries, as accidents weaken the player. The good thing is that you can still stay in the game even if your avatar has missing limbs.

The game is intense, even exciting, and the graphic effects are amazing. Blood and gore spills every time a major injury occurs, and you can create your own terrains after exhausting all levels.

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